Cubed Rally World
Chain together 33 vehicles and race to the top of the leaderboards!
Rocket Ski Racing
A high speed, high score racer!
In space no one can hear your destructSUN!
Super Bounce Back
Sometimes in life you must bounce back!
Not everyone loves to recycle!
Bumper Tank Battle
Bumper tanks are fast, hard to control and have a range of zero feet. What's not to love!
Bowl Faster
Because normal bowling is too SLOW!!!
Wrong Way Racing
Try not to become a flaming pile of metal chunks!
Cubed Snowboarding
Go careening off of cliffs in this fun, fast, little, retroish 3d game!
Zombie Volcano
And you thought those zombies died when they fell into the volcano!
Baby Lava Bounce
Baby lavas want to live fast and die young. With your help they'll do just that!
Fist Face Fight
A physics based arena fighter. It's like playing air hockey against yourself with 5 speeding pucks.
Cubed Rally Redline
This is the follow up to my 2010 game, Cubed Rally Racer. It features more obstacles and easier controls.
Infinite Surf
A very casual surfing game. Just cruise around and collect coins. No sharks to ollie!
Cubed Rally Racer
My first iPhone game done all by myself. It was meant to be a cross between Marbel Madness and rally racing.